Why Eastern White Pine?

Eastern White Pine (Pinus Strobus), remains the Pine Species of choice since the early colonists and craftsman in New England. The unique and special characteristics of EWP, used initially for ship masts of the English Navy and evolving in so many uses where grain texture & warmth, knot character and qualities durable and enhancing to exterior and interior applications.

EWP is one of the most versatile species of lumber, with so many applications where timbers & strength, aesthetic patterns and textures are used in panelling & wainscoting, flooring & decking, millwork & mouldings, sidings & trim, crating, shelving, cabinets and furniture.

The Species Specialty Characteristics

Eastern White Pine is naturally decay resistant

Light weight, Easily machined and shaped and dimensionally stable

Soft with uniform texture; red knotted and the least resinous of all pine species

Readily accepting and holding clear finishes, stain or paint

Why DiPrizio Pine?

  • Our sawmill and manufacturing center is located just south Mount Washington, an area renowned for the quality of red-knotted Eastern White Pine.
  • We are one of the largest producers of Eastern White Pine (EWP) in New England, family-owned and processing pine since 1938.
  • Broadest Selection of Patterns—NELMA Grades & Profiles; Custom Profiles, Timbers; Textures; Primed Selects & Prefinished “Barn-board Pine” (Textured Weathered Gray”–White–Browntone); Packaging & Shipping: Pull to Length (PTL), Grade Stamping, Yard Packs, Mixed Trucks, Multiple Stops, Container Loading
  • All lumber is inspected by NELMA Certified Graders to assure consistency of quality milling and characteristics. Nelma Grades and Mill Certified proprietary grades are available.

Start your project right with eastern white pine.