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We are a family company who works for our customers.

1938 brought the most devastating hurricane that the Northeast has ever seen.

New Hampshire, in particular, was hit hard. Trees in forests throughout the state were uprooted, and devastation of woodlands lay strewn about in catastrophic proportion. It was through this tragic challenge that a staunch and hardworking family from Italy saw an opportunity to build a business that served the needs of the people in their region with a quality that still withstands the forces of nature today. 

When Charles DiPrizio and his sons endeavored with a portable saw mill to clean up a forestry nightmare in southeastern New Hampshire in 1938, their industrious pride served local neighborhoods and counties throughout the state. Now it serves lumber wholesalers throughout the United States with DiPrizio Pine.

Today, DiPrizio Pine Sales is now owned and operated by the Lavalley-Middleton family of companies. The Lavalley-DiPrizio combination is a regional family of companies, known locally as Lavalley-Middleton Building Supply, with manufacturing operations that include the material wholesale distribution of Eastern White Pine boards in unlimited patterns for flooring, siding, paneling and trim boards, with numerous finishes and pre-stained products.

Start your project right with eastern white pine.